Operational Custodians

Our operational custodians are experts in their fields, committed to providing excellence in programming, operations, and communications.

Acting Executive Director: Tom Kovach

Having participated in a Body Electric weekend workshop many years ago with his husband, Tom understands and appreciates the transformative nature of the work. Tom now wants to give back by offering his experience in organizational leadership, as well as community, and coalition building.
Activism has always been important to Tom, and he sees Body Electric as helping both individuals and the human community. He co-owns a small business and lives on a working ranch. He enjoys astronomy, hiking, and listening to music, among his hobbies and activities, and he is a big Trekkie.

Creative Director: Craig Cullinane

Craig Cullinane is the Creative Director of the Body Electric School and has served on the Body Electric faculty for more than 8 years. He is also a Life Coach.
For 6 years, Craig was the Director of Programming for Rehabilitation Through The Arts (RTA), inviting incarcerated people into a process of growth and healing through artistic expression. Craig holds a Master’s degree in Service, Leadership, and Management from the SIT Graduate Institute.

Communications Visionary: Sarah Belzile

Sarah is a student of embodiment, NVC (Non-Violent Communication), shadow work, and the contemplative learning that comes with heart-centered connections. She has personally discovered the powerful clarity and transformation that comes from consciously working with Eros. She loves to guide others towards a deeper connection with themselves and each other.
Sarah is the driving force behind our Ambassadors program and developing its expansion.

Operational Magic-Maker: Paul Willis (Blueflame)

Paul is an Intuitive Channel & Coach, and an Energy Healer trained in Quantum Healing, Face Reading, Reiki, is an accredited Life Coach and Ordained Minister. He works with clients daily to remove blocked energy and negative limiting behavioral programs so they can live the life they desire.
Paul has been involved with BE since 2012 in Australia where he participated, assisted, or coordinated over 15 workshops/programs and designed, developed, and coordinated BE Australia’s Electrify Your Spirit Retreat held in Bali, Indonesia in 2016 & 2017. Paul was a member of the National Steering Committee for BE Australia before moving to the US. He is one of the Dallas Co-Coordinators, part of the Operational Team for Body Electric, and is the Registrar for Body Electric when he isn’t pursuing his passion to lead others to embody their energy to its full potential. Learn more about Paul at https://www.areteliving.today.
To contact Paul, email registrar@bodyelectric.org.

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