Advanced Workshops

You are invited to join us in a beautiful embodied experience.

Expand into some of the most profound personal work of your life. These week-long “intensives” explore heightened states of awareness and ecstasy, areas of deep wounding and personal healing, and connection to the Sacred as you define it. All of our advanced workshops have a prerequisite of completing one or more of our intermediate week-long workshops.

Upcoming Events

Erotic Temple
August 5, 2024  
- August 11, 2024
Are you ready for the ultimate Body Electric experience?
This advanced workshop is for participants already familiar with Body Electric intensives, who wish to deepen their erotic/spiritual exploration. It weaves together two of the core threads in the Body Electric tapestry: The innate wisdom of the body and the mystery of ritualized eros as a gate to the sacred.
We invite you into Embodiment, Pleasure, and Connection with yourself. Explore the deepest parts of yourself: your erotic energy, your relationship with your body, your capacity to feel and expand aliveness, and your willingness to heal. We co-create conscious erotic community, setting clear boundaries about how we share space, how we practice consent in giving and receiving touch, and in the ways that we care for ourselves.
We practice the pillars of conscious embodiment, present moment awareness, the development of the relationship to our breath, and the cultivation of Pleasure as a healing and transformational energy. Come join us!
Body Electric offers a comprehensive journey for diving into your erotic body. No matter where you are in your experience level, you are welcome here.
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