Appreciation Circle

Tom Kovach

This month I would like to express my appreciation for Arthur Goodman.

Arthur was one of our first Board Members and served as Treasurer. He has a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration on nonprofit management. The capstone project was an analysis of the New York LGBT Center.

He used that experience to become President Gay Activists’ Alliance,

Founder of Chelsea Gay Association, Treasurer then Chair of Board of Directors NYC Gay & Lesbian Antiviolence Project, Metro-NY Tri-State Area Financial Coordinator ManKind Project, council member, and executive committee member.

While on the Board, he brought his experience, passion, vision, perspective, humor, compassion, investment, and loyalty. But he was not done. He put in the Strategic Plan for Body Electric a goal of a way for alums to gather and carry on the bonds from workshops and create new ones, all to strengthen our community. 

So, when we found a platform to do this, and so much more, Arthur volunteered to help vet the platform and later to help us set it up for beta testing and further development. 

Please join me in my appreciation for Arthur for his work for the LGBTQ community and his work on the BEcommunity platform.

If you would like to help Arthur with his efforts on the platform, please contact me at

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