Appreciation Circle

-by Tom Kovach

This month I want to appreciate Don Shine.  Like sunshine, Donnie brings warmth and healing energy wherever he goes.  I first met Donnie online in a workshop he was co-leading with John Ballew.  He was comforting, encouraging, and supportive of all the participants, including me.  We interacted in online gatherings, but I got my in-person experience this last July when I went to Dear Love of Comrades.  Donnie was on the team, and he was everywhere with a constant smile and our emotional rock as we traveled the rollercoaster of emotions that the intensive provided us to process so many things in our lives.  He led us on our morning walks through the woods and introduced us to Grandmother Birch and Grandfather Elm.  Later this year he came to New Mexico and my husband, and I had the pleasure of hosting him at our ranch. We had many great conversations, and I grew to know his depth and wisdom. 

But on top of all this, Donnie has been our main facilitator for our Thursday Night Heart Circle.  This was started at the beginning of the pandemic and endures to this day as a welcoming safe space for anyone.  He kept a safe container for so many people.  Creating a place to be heard and seen when we all felt so separated and alone.  Many of the people who have attended are regulars, others just come in as they need.  Now after nearly three years, he is moving and ensuring the circle is in good hands. So, I just had to take this moment to express my appreciation to him for all he has done and all he is.

You can read his short bio on our website here.



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