Appreciation Circle

This month I’d like to appreciate Kristy Lowther. They are fairly new to Body Electric. Shortly after taking their first CBE Kristy joined the Ambassadors’ Program, wanting to learn more about the school and how to be of service to the community. 

This led them to take up the call to serve on the Board of Directors. Kristy was a great addition to the Board, bringing a fresh perspective and a lot of enthusiasm. I was so impressed that I asked them to take on a new role I wanted to create: Director of Justice, Equity Diversity and Inclusion.

 This role includes the huge task of being registrar but with an emphasis on helping the school reach our goals in offering workshops to more diverse groups. Kristy has a background in diversity and inclusion and has brought their experience and blended it with their passion for eros, making the perfect fit for Body Electric. 

Kristy has worked hard to learn all there is to being our registrar. They took over just when we had to do year end reporting and adding many new workshops to our website. The process to learn all the registrar duties normally takes six or seven months but they are mastering things much quicker than that. They are also hard at work to streamline processes and improve the experience for our participants. 

Working with Kristy is refreshing as they love systems and love to make them better. There is a lot to do for the small operations team putting a big load on our shoulders. Kristy’s professionalism makes it easier and more attainable and their quick wit makes it fun. 

Here is Kristy’s bio on our Operations page

Kristy Lowther (they/them) a.k.a. “Special K” is an advocate, educator, and facilitator who is passionate about empowering people to embrace their authenticity and take ownership of their pleasure. As the Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI), Special K combines their professional experience advancing equity for all people with their passion for exploring the depths of Eros. They are a queer, non-binary, white, visibly able-bodied individual who joyfully creates spaces that intentionally center marginalized voices.

Special K finds rejuvenation in nature, especially in hiking the woods behind their home. They love and find purpose with their two children and loving partner, and enjoy dancing, singing karaoke, and traveling. They live, work, and play on unceded Eno, Lumbee, Tuscarora, and Shakori lands, also known as Carrboro, North Carolina (USA).

Tom Kovach 

Executive Director

Body Electric School

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