Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors provides guidance, support, and strategic development for the ongoing growth
of our non-profit organization.

Body Electric’s leadership is steeped in passion and enthusiasm for the work offered to all individuals. The Board of Directors possesses an exceptional and diverse range of professional expertise and knowledge to support the Ethos of Body Electric.

At our board’s core is a desire to provide pathways for personal growth, development, and the evolution of conscious Eros to build community. The Board is actively involved in the work of Body Electric and brings exciting levels of support and experience to their roles.

Office Bearers

President: Suzanne Blackburn (She/They)

Headshot Suzanned Blackburn 300dpi e1676494825719
Suzanne Blackburn has been involved with Body Electric for more than 20 years, She wears many hats including that of a board chair, coordinator and faculty.
Suzanne has been a social and political activist for decades. She was a longtime volunteer with Equality Maine working on two-state campaigns to legalize same-sex marriage and heading up the fundraising auction for the annual Gala. Suzanne is also a volunteer with Maine Adaptive’s winter sports program.
Her dedication is to reuniting the erotic and the sacred. Her vision is to reach more and more people so that they may reclaim their essential Eros and life force through the healing rituals of Body Electric. To contact Suzanne email,
Suzanne is the author of Reclaiming Eros, Sacred Whores and Healers which gives us an intimate look into the evolution and motivation of healers who work with the power of pleasure and erotic energy to heal.

Vice-President: Charlie McFarland (He/Him)

Charlie McFarland
Charlie is highly experienced in both the non-profit (social justice) and for-profit sectors and board governance. In the 1990s, Charlie served in community-based agencies responding to the HIV/ AIDS crisis. Having facilitated and coached some of the processes of Body Electric transitioning into the New Body Electric School, Charlie is honored to be serving on the Board.

Secretary: Pavi

Pavi thumb
Pavi’s BE journey started in 2021. Since then he’s attended or assisted with numerous workshops. The work has deeply touched and transformed him. Inspired by the possibilities and aware of the gifts the New Body Electric School offers, Pavi became a certified ambassador.
Pavi has served in several non-profit board roles and volunteered for charities devoted to LGBTQI issues and animal welfare organizations.
By joining the Board of Directors, Pavi hopes to further strengthen his relationship with the School.

Board Members

Ax Love

Gabriela Love

Ax Love is a coach and guide, with a focus on the intersection of the body, mind, and data. They offer erotic guidance, sacred intimacy, psychedelic guidance, and coaching in personal growth and finance. They are gender-fluid, queer and an immigrant settler and they are committed to increasing safety and belonging, and erotic joy and liberation in all bodies.


Alexx took her first course with Body Electric in 2019 and knew immediately that she wanted to continue her involvement with the organization and its work fostering connection with eros.
With a passion for board governance and Sociocracy, Alexx served a three year term as board director to a grocery cooperative in Massachusetts and is now honored to be serving on the Body Electric board.
Alexx works as a project manager and assists rural and disadvantaged communities in California with technical assistance to improve their water systems. From 2021 to 2023 she served as the executive director of a southern California nonprofit. She has held various roles in the nonprofit sector, always focused on the work of environmental advocacy and education.

Eric Lange (He/Him)

Eric Lange
Eric Lange started his involvement with Body Electric in 2003 and attended several programs in subsequent years. He reconnected with Body Electric in 2019 and has taken a more active role in promoting the school, joining the Board of Directors in 2020.
Professionally Eric has had a long career as a Human Resources professional across various industries. He retired from full time work in 2021 and now devotes his time to Human Resource consulting, his 3 wonderful grandchildren and supporting the Body Electric community in as many ways as possible. Eric lives in Maplewood NJ.

Mario Burrell (He/Him)

Mario Burrell
Mario took his first Body Electric workshop 20 years ago. After having many incredible experiences with Body Electric, he became an assistant in the workshops. He is honored to now be serving on the board and looks forward to bringing Body Electric to countries across the globe.

Mike Galan (He/Him)

Mike Galan
Mike Galan’s life purpose is to impact the lives of others positively. He does this in various ways, including life coaching, active listening, and joining the Board of Directors of the New Body Electric School.
His journey with Body Electric began in 2006 when he attended his first CBE in Austin, TX. Since then, Mike has been an Assistant in several weekend courses, participated in most of the school’s in-person workshops (some multiple times), serves as a Scholarship Committee Co-Chair. Being an active member of the Body Electric community and making life-long friends with many of its members are some of the joys of Mike’s life.
Mike is an independent business and technology consultant. He met his spouse in 2001, and they married seven years later in San Francisco, CA. Mike has two wonderful adult stepdaughters who lovingly refer to them as “The Daddies.”

Paul G (He/Him)

paul g thumb
Paul’s Body Electric journey began many years ago with a Tantra Practitioner who was trained by Body Electric. More recently he started his own path to Erotic Liberation with Body Electric in 2021. Paul has attended many Body Electric workshops as both an participant and as an assistant since then.
Paul has extensive non-profit experience including Founder, President, Treasurer, and Secretary roles of other non-profit organizations. Paul’s passion lies in helping non-profits prosper through wise financial management and dynamic fundraising.
Paul is an Operations Manager for the world’s largest telecommunications company, an Adjunct Business Professor, and a member of several non-profit boards.
In his free time, Paul loves to read, travel, spend time with friends, and explore anything new. Paul is humbled by the opportunity to serve Body Electric as a Board Member.

Willow Young (She/Her)

Willow Young board member picture
Willow is new to Body Electric, attending her first CBE in 2022, further driving her passion for helping people live in ecstatic authenticity. In all of her work, she places a heart-centered focus on connecting diverse perspectives to create solutions that support everyone.
Willow has served on multiple non-profit boards, She has been a cybersecurity consultant, seller, trainer, life coach, and public advocate in educating and creating safe, inclusive spaces for the LGBTQ+ community. She lives in New Hampshire with her three amazing kids.

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