Episode 23: Robyn Lynn

"Body Electric Presents"

Join Craig Cullinane and Ax Love for a deep conversation with Robyn Lynn, who is a Somatic Coach, a group facilitator, and a guide for those who want to deepen their sense of intimacy, connection and presence. Robyn shares her journey of becoming a sex coach and educator. Together they explore the subtleties and possibilities of working one on one with people in their erotic healing journey. Robyn also shares about a number of fascinating spiritual and healing lineages that she has practiced with in her life.

Episode 22: Reno Johnston

"Body Electric Presents"

Reno Johnston is the new Director of Marketing for the Body Electric School and had the joy of taking his first Body Electric workshop for All Genders last month. Hosts Craig Cullinane and Ax Love dive deep with Reno about his experience and what he learned about himself, others, and the nature of Eros from this profound experience. Welcome Reno to the Body Electric family!

Episode 21: Suzanne Blackburn

"Body Electric Presents"

The Erotic Liberation welcomes teacher, author, and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Body Electric School Suzanne Blackburn to the podcast. Hosts Craig Cullinane and Ax Love explore Suzanne’s journey with Body Electric, her wonderful book Reclaiming Eros, and her deep dance with Nature and the Erotic.

Episode 20: Don Shine

"Body Electric Presents"

Join your hosts Craig Cullinane and Ax Love for a deep dive with Body Electric Teacher and Sacred Intimate Don Shine. Don is a newer faculty member of the School and we discuss his journey to teaching, Sacred Intimacy, and Dolly Parton!

Don (he/him) is an educator who began his relationship with the Body Electric school in 2016. He is passionate about helping all people connect to the abundant and infinite supply of erotic energy that lives in all of us. He wholeheartedly believes that this connection to eros can be transformational, and has the power to heal the world.

Episode 19: JoJo Bear

"Body Electric Presents"

Join hosts Craig Cullinane and Gabriela Love for a wonderful conversation with Body Electric Facilitator, somatic sex & intimacy coach JoJo Bear! In this deep conversation, we explore JoJo’s path towards erotic education and delve into the art of Sacred Intimacy. You can find out more about JoJo’s work at https://somaticguide4men.com

Episode 18: Davey Wavey

"Body Electric Presents"

Davey Wavey is an American YouTuber who covers LGBT topics related to sex, relationships, and coming out. His YouTube channel has over a million subscribers. He is also the creator of Himeros.tv, an erotic video platform. Join Craig and Gabriela as they dive into topics including conscious pornography, the creation of the Himeros platform, joyful sex and more!

Episode 17: Dr. Roger Kuhn

"Body Electric Presents"

Join Craig Cullinane and Gabriela Love for an amazing conversation with Dr. Roger Kuhn. Roger (He/Him) is a Poarch Creek Two-Spirit Indigiqueer soma-cultural sex therapist and sexuality educator. He earned a doctorate degree in Human Sexuality with a Concentration in Clinical Practice from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Roger’s work explores the concepts of decolonizing and unsettling sexuality and focuses on the way culture impacts and informs our bodily experiences.

In this electric episode, we explore decolonizing Eros, how shame is a tool of oppression, and Roger’s amazing life journey towards liberation. To learn more about Dr. Kuhn’s work, visit www.rogerjkuhn.com.

Episode 16: Harry Faddis

"Body Electric Presents"

Join hosts Craig Cullinane and Gabriela Love as they welcome their guest Harry Faddis to the Erotic Liberation Podcast. Harry Faddis is a former facilitator for the Body Electric School who co-created life-changing workshops including Power, Surrender, & Intimacy (PSI) and In The Garden of Life. He is also the creator of the 3-Minute Game that is used widely now with the School of Consent. We speak with Harry about Eros and God, the nature of surrender and intimacy, Harry’s upbringing, and the development of the 3 Minute Game. Join us!

Episode 15: Elisa Lee

"Body Electric Presents"

Join us as we welcome Body Electric facilitator Elisa Lee to the Erotic Liberation Podcast. Elisa is a nature-based rite of passage guide, facilitating ceremonies for girls and adults. Elisa leads wilderness vigils (aka vision quests), inviting deep conversation and relationships with the more-than-humans, and also community grief rituals. In this episode, we dive into the connection between Eros and grief and more. You can learn more about Elisa’s work at https://fireandflowergirls.org.

Episode 14: Daka Ziji

"Body Electric Presents"

Join The Erotic Liberation Podcast as we welcome Daka Ziji, a Sacred Intimate, erotic healer, and facilitator of Men in Touch in Vancouver, BC. In this episode we explore elements of Sacred Intimacy, how Ziji came to the work and how his cultural background has informed his practice. We explore pleasure and healing and the power of touch.

You can find out more about Ziji at https://www.gaymassagevancouver.com.

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