Lizz Randall

Lizz is devoted to radical embodiment, authentic intimacy, and eros as life force. She offers a grounded, heart-centered, non-binary and often rebellious approach to teaching and facilitation.

Mahan Kalpa Khalsa

Mahan Kalpa is a seasoned and dedicated practitioner of Yoga and Tantra who delights in the energies of Masculine/Feminine, Power/Surrender, and Yin/Yang. He loves to support people in connecting deeply with themselves and others.

David Townsend

David Townsend has spent the last ten years encouraging people to create meaningful rituals for themselves and the community as part of their journey toward a bigger, freer, more joyful life.

Pono Stewart

Pono is a passionate self-pleasuring enthusiast inviting everybody to create their own regular self-pleasuring practice.

Sher Snow

Sher is a sex-positive touch healer, educator, professional dominatrix and workshop leader/creator.

Shai Saliba

Shai is a femme flavoured, Non Binary and Transgender facilitator of movement and breathwork.

Mara Roy

Mara’s work is trauma informed and focused on creating self-awareness, self-love, mindfulness and increased pleasure.

Don Shine

Donnie wholeheartedly believes that connection to Eros can be transformational, and has the power to heal the world.

André Martin

Andre is passionate about helping people receive joy and pleasure in their bodies through touch, breath, massage and movement.

Elisa Lee

Elisa is all about re-membering (or consciously belonging to)… our bodies, our emotions and our kinship with Nature.

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