Dear Love of Comrades

Dear Love of Comradres is a week-long workshop that continues where Celebrating the Body Erotic leaves off. It combines erotic bodywork with heart-centered community to develop deeper self-awareness, inner freedom, and emotional clarity through the healing power of communal eroticism. Dear Love of Comrades happens annually in the summer.

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Dear Love of Comrades
June 18, 2023  
- June 24, 2023
Dear Love of Comrades begins where Celebrating the Body Erotic leaves off where you are introduced to some of the more advanced work of the Body Electric School.
Specific Language: Dear Love of Comrades is the week-long experience that serves as a prerequisite for our advanced intensive workshops.
Body Electric is committed to radical inclusion. We are working to create safe and welcoming spaces for everyone of all genders and gender expressions, races, cultural ethnicities, abilities, body types, and economic realities.

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