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What exactly is Body Electric?

The Body Electric School welcomes people into conscious eroticism through a variety of methods that include breathwork, embodiment, skillful touch, process work, and the exploration of Pleasure. We invite participants to tap, raise, and spread their innate erotic energy to increase and improve the energy flow through the body. Our participants consistently experience increased aliveness and vitality, the healing of personal wounds, and the activation of their relationship with the sacred as they define it. Body Electric is committed to expanding people’s understanding of the role that eros and sexuality can play in their personal and spiritual lives.

The workshops are conducted by trained professionals in safe, secure, clean environments. Body Electric has its roots in eastern traditions such as Tantra and Taoism.

Why do you call it a “school”?

We offer educational and experiential workshops where people explore their own eroticism in safer, braver spaces. We offer techniques and ways of freeing the mind and body from constrictions on erotic energy. We explore ways of experiencing eroticism within a community of other seekers. With able faculty, we guide learning in loving and skillful ways.

Is this therapy?

No. Although many who have attended our workshops may experience the work as “therapeutic”, we do not define programs of The Body Electric School as therapeutic. We guide people through skillful experiences, leaving our participants to define its meaning and value.

Isn’t Body Electric only for people with sexual problems?

Body Electric is for anyone interested in exploring themselves as an erotic being. Body Electric explores erotic energy and sensuality in the company of others. The teachings of Body Electric can be used to expand your erotic capacity. This offers the opportunity to mend erotic wounds, to replace sexual habits that don’t serve you, and to learn about your body.

Can I attend alone or do I need a partner?

You can attend Body Electric alone or with a partner. If you are with a partner, you can choose how you participate with other participants in the workshop. We also offer workshops exclusively for couples.

I am interested, but afraid I am not going to be sexually attracted to the other participants at the workshops. Is that a good reason to not sign up?

In Body Electric workshops, we like to say that we explore eroticism outside the context of personal attraction. There may be people that you are attracted to. There may be people you are not attracted to. This is perfectly natural for us all. The workshop is about exploring your own eroticism and being present while others do the same. This is a practice of generosity and also of broadening our personal definitions of who we engage with erotically, while still having consent and choice.

Is there alcohol?

No. Maintaining a fundamental awareness of your body, mind, and spirit is key to getting any benefit from a workshop or program. Any substances or behaviors that may inhibit your awareness are discouraged. We ask that you do not consume alcohol or other mood altering substances during your attendance at a workshop or intensive. We also discourage you from taking any performance-enhancing prescription medications (like Viagra and Cialis, for example) as they may inhibit your ability to respond naturally to the practices fostered in the workshop.

What do I do if I see someone I know?

Say hello! We ask that all participants honor the confidentiality of other participants by not disclosing their participation, and to expect that from others as well.

There are so many programs! How do I decide what to do?

Our introductory in-person workshop Celebrating the Body Erotic is a great place to start. Introductory workshops must be taken as prerequisites before participating in any other workshops. Please look at the “Events” Tab for more information and descriptions of each workshop.

Do you actually have a physical place? Where does Body Electric operate?

The Body Electric School does not have a physical space. We have local coordinators that find spaces for our workshops all across the United States, Canada, Israel, and Australia. We practice our workshops in quiet, clean and safe studios or in retreat centers in various locations.

Have people found a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/significant other while attending a program at the school?

Yes. Moreover, some very deep and lasting friendships are formed in our workshops. However, please know that finding a partner or significant other is not necessarily the intention of our workshops.

Who can I talk to about this?

We recommend you talk to the Registrar or one of our local coordinators. They will be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions.

Do you offer continuing education credits?

No; continuing education credits are not offered to any participants of our programs.

I have limited income. Are there scholarships available?

Yes.  For more information about Scholarships, click HERE.

Do you accept credit cards from outside the U.S.?

Our credit-card processing service normally does not accept cards from outside the US. Alternatives include PayPal or bank transfer. Please contact us should this be necessary. Checks or bank drafts may also be sent to the address indicated below, noting your workshop and dates. We discourage cash payments.

What if I lose my nerve?

We understand that coming to a Body Electric workshop can bring up fear and hesitancy.  Our suggestion is that you take a breath and dive in anyway!  We have been expertly guiding people through this work for a long time.  If, however, you choose not to come to a workshop you have signed up for, please review our Policy Statement.

I thought Body Electric programs were only for gay men. Do you have programs for women?

Body Electric is for everyone. We have workshops for men, women, and all genders.

I am a trans man/women. Am I welcome at men’s/women's workshops?

All of our workshops include a description to make it clear who is attending.  We have workshops for all people and all bodies. 

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