Art & Eros Online (for Self-Identified Men)

Awaken and explore your creative and erotic energy in a sacred and supportive Body Electric community.
The energies of Creativity and Eros are inextricably connected. Both flow from the same sources of energy that naturally live within us. By tapping into our energy through the portal of the erotic, we can expand and enliven our creative expression. 




Four 2-hour online sessions, 7-9pm est

What's Possible

  • Explore yourself as a creative being
  • Discover the connection between creative and erotic energy
  • Unleash your creative expression in a community of supportive journeyers

What to Expect

  • Expertly guided erotic rituals designed to tap creative energy
  • Meaningful connection with other creative beings
  • Opportunities to create and share your artistic offerings
“In filling the well, think magic. Think delight. Think fun. Do not think duty. Do not do what you *should* do... Do what intrigues you, explore what interests you; think mystery, not mastery.” Julia Cameron


Prerequisite: None
Delivery: Four 2-hour online sessions, 7-9pm est
Time Zone: Eastern Time
Jun 8, 2022  
Jun 29, 2022
*times above apply only to single day events
Cost: $
Scholarship Info
Scholarships are available for this workshop. Click here for more info.


Our creative and erotic energies flow from a single source that springs from deep within us. Each needs its own kind of invitation to flourish. By honoring more intentionally our inherent creative and erotic patterns and passions, we can expand and enliven our expression in both realms.

This workshop is appropriate for those who are new to this work, as well as to those who may have taken this workshop before. The exercises may be similar, and theere is great benefit in continued practice. 

In this four-session online experience for self-identified men, we will create a safe and supportive community in which to cultivate your creative and erotic energies.   This course is perfect if:

  • you're just starting to develop a relationship with your Inner Artist 
  • you already have a creative practice and want to further empower your process 
  • you're feeling blocked and want to recharge your creative energies

Art and Eros will:

  • support you in envisioning your ideal creative space 
  • offer you new tools and prompts to nourish your creative expression
  • help you identify and address the blocks to your creative life
  • encourage you to integrate erotic energy into your creative practice

For more information, please contact Craig Cullinane at


Craig Cullinane (He, Him) delights in creating spaces where people fall in love with themselves, remember how to play, and express their creativity.


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