Clear Your Erotic Blocks

Identify and transcend the energetic, psychological and emotional limitations that constrain and constrict your erotic self.
All Genders




8:00 pm -
  2:00 pm
Eastern Time
Four 2-hour sessions

What's Possible

  • An opportunity to find clear space within your sacred erotic energy for exploration and discovery
  • Experience a new level of sex magick to clear and release old programs and habits inhibiting your birthright
  • Establish a greater sense of your erotic self

What to Expect

  • A journey to clear shame, limiting beliefs, and pre-conceived notions of what Eros is or what it looks like
  • Guided meditations to connect with your courageous self and delight in the joy of freedom
  • Group and individual opportunities to connect and play with your erotic self, both on-screen and off

Meet Your Facilitator


Prerequisite(s): None
Delivery: Four 2-hour sessions
Time Zone: Eastern Time
Jan 6, 2023  
- Jan 8, 2023
8:00 pm
  - 2:00 pm
From: $325
Scholarships are available for this workshop. Click here for more info.


Sexuality, intimacy, and eroticism is an area of rich personal growth and transformation, yet many of us experience shame, trauma, and limitations in this area of our lives. When we come together to heal and uplift our erotic selves, we are often astonished by how this works up levels just about every other aspect of our lives as well. 

Join us for this virtual weekend retreat, where we will identify and transcend the energetic, psychological, and emotional limitations that constrain and constrict your erotic self. This course will involve breathwork, shadow work, movement, journaling, and energy healing techniques designed to bring you back to your birthright of erotic innocence and freedom. 

If there is some aspect of your erotic or intimate life that has kept you feeling stuck in a repeating pattern or blocked from having the experiences that you most desire, this is the course for you. We will work on dissolving and transforming areas of dense or stuck energy through the use of energy-healing techniques, pleasure, movement, and breathwork. 

This course will be led by Paul Willis and Sarah Belzile. Paul is a masterful energy worker and guide on the embodiment path. Sarah is a skilled facilitator of transpersonal erotic experiences, made possible through the creation of a wide permission field and the felt sense of safety and acceptance. Both facilitators work together to create a balance of structure and flow during the group experiences so as to enable each participant to explore, play and learn. 

In preparation for the course, participants will be asked to complete a self-assessment questionnaire in order to understand better areas of shadow, shame, and/or trauma. 

The completion circle for this weekend workshop will include an embodiment ritual during which each participant will have the opportunity to embody a new aspect of their personal erotic liberation. 

Participants will need to be willing to witness the potential on-screen nudity of other participants as well as potentially witness other participants as they experiment with arousal and pleasure in various ways. 

The course is designed for people who often feel “shy” about expressing themselves erotically yet also experience a high level of sexual desire. We welcome folks who feel a lack of confidence, a lack of experience, and body shame issues. This course is also appropriate for those who are working through past trauma. For those with an acute traumatic history, we recommend having additional therapeutic support before, during, and after the weekend.

While the majority of the work we guide you through will be individual to your needs, components of the weekend will include some general discussion and interaction with other participants.   To ensure the experience is supportive of all gender expressions, we encourage participants to be open to interacting with people of any potential gender, in breakout rooms and in our large group conversations.  There will be no attempt to “gender balance” the retreat attendees.

Throughout the course, participants will be at choice about what level of vulnerability and engagement feels best to them. At no point in the course will there be pressure or an expectation to share or to participate in a certain way. Many options for how to participate will be offered, and everyone will be empowered to choose a way to engage that feels best for their comfort level.


Sarah is a student of embodiment, NVC (Non Violent Communication), shadow work and the contemplative learning that comes with heart centered connections.
Paul is an Intuitive Coach & Channel, and an Energy Healer trained in Quantum Healing, Face Reading, Reiki, is an accredited Life Coach and Ordained Minister. He works with clients to remove blocked energy and negative limiting behavioral programs so they can live the life they desire.


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