Discovering Your Body Erotic

Join us for this weekend long, clothing-on introduction to the expansion of your erotic potential.
Are you curious about a healthier relationship with your sexuality? Would you like to find more pleasure and connection in your daily life? Want to be more conscious in your love life, but don’t know where to start?
All Genders




4:00 pm -
  1:00 pm
Eastern Time
Blue Ridge,
Two day in-person workshop

What's Possible

  • How to work more skillfully with pleasure as a healing modality
  • Release areas of shame or trauma Learn more about your relationship with boundaries
  • Learn a new “map” of who you are as an erotic being How to identify and express your desires and why you might want to do it more

What to Expect

  • Have one or more realizations about who you are as an erotic being
  • Be encouraged to fully express your emotions and your desires
  • Receive support from community members who are on a similar journey
  • Be held with care and respect throughout your experience

Meet Your Facilitator


Prerequisite(s): None
Delivery: Two day in-person workshop
Time Zone: Eastern Time
Mar 24, 2023  
- Mar 26, 2023
4:00 pm
  - 1:00 pm
From: $$625.50
(Lodging and all meals included. )
Scholarships are available for this workshop. Click here for more info.


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for everyone. All genders and all expressions are welcome

More about the workshop:

Join us as we dive into Discovering Your Body Erotic, an introduction to the work of the Body Electric School. This is a clothing-on experience designed for those who would like to expand their erotic potential. It’s intended to offer you a luscious date with yourself in a way that you have possibly never connected with “the inner you” before.

We will create a circle for sharing and exploring together by establishing community agreements and boundaries. We will invite you into a carefully crafted series of experiences with different practice partners, all of which are time-bound and structured. Most of the partner practices are completed in groups of two or three. As a group, we will practice embodied movement, breathwork, touch, attunement, communicating personal boundaries, and expressing your desires.

In order to integrate your learning, on Sunday, you will have the opportunity to co-create an embodiment ritual with a small and supportive group. Our journey will conclude with a closing circle of heart-centered sharing.

Throughout our time together, we will focus on grounded presence, desire, and choice. Our skilled facilitators create a culture of consent where we honor the sacred pause. You will be encouraged to pause at the moment between the request and the response. We also liberally use laughter and play as a way to encourage learning and exploration.

If you are curious about the profound work of the Body Electric School and are ready to take a powerful step on your embodiment journey, this workshop is for you.

Who is this workshop not for?

This workshop is not appropriate for those who are in a state of acute trauma response. It is not appropriate for those who are unable or unwilling to abide by our community agreements around confidentiality, care, and not “fixing” one another.

Workshop Fee – Residential

The workshop fee includes the workshop tuition, accommodation, and meals.  All travel to and from the venue is at the expense of the participant.  

Your Coordinator

Your Coordinator for this workshop is Kristy.  If you have any questions about attending, please reach out to them at


Sarah is a student of embodiment, NVC (Non Violent Communication), shadow work and the contemplative learning that comes with heart centered connections.


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