Erotic Brotherhood 2023- Cisgendered Men

Join with other BE Brothers to connect into expanded erotic possibility.
This six-month combined online and in-person program is designed to cultivate intentional, erotic male community as a pathway to deeper connection and expanded erotic possibility.




3:00 pm -
  6:00 pm ET
Combined online and in-person event (see below)

What's Possible

  • Expand upon your experience of personal erotic exploration of sensation and pleasure at Celebrating the Body Erotic and other in-person and online BE programs
  • Create meaningful connections with other men focused on male erotic energy and the bonds of brotherhood through exploration of the core theme each month
  • Experience a unique intermediate-level hybrid intensive with 3 integrated components.

What to Expect

  • We will co-create an intentional space where we can share, take risks, learn new skills, and most importantly, cultivate a deep connection with other Brothers
  • A hybrid program of virtual, interactive, and in-person experiences to maximize opportunities for erotic exploration, heartfelt sharing, and brotherly fellowship
  • Have fun, tap into joy, and play!


Prerequisite(s): In-person or online program
Delivery: Combined online and in-person event (see below)
Time Zone: Eastern Time
Jan 7, 2023  
- Jun 3, 2023
3:00 pm
  - 6:00 pm
From: $1245
Scholarships are available for this workshop. Click here for more info.


Erotic Brotherhood 2023 will be delivered as a hybrid program consisting of six 3-hr online sessions + five 90-min online small groups + 4-day in-person workshop.

This is a unique invitation to experience an intermediate-level hybrid intensive with three components:

    • Virtual Experience: each month, we will focus on a core theme: Brotherhood, Integrity, the Body, the Cock, the Heart, and Spirit, where you will:
      • Experience an embodied group practice
      • Tap into vulnerability around our core themes
      • Connect through heartfelt sharing in smaller breakout groups
      • Participate in a communal ritual to generate erotic energy
      • Explore with your brothers in the virtual “playground”.
  • Interactive Components:
    • Brother Circles – 90-min monthly group meetings led by a facilitator and assistant. You will be in this group for the duration of the program.
    • Buddy Pairings – a monthly 1-on-1 pairing to focus on listening, connection, and “home-play” – this pairing will be with someone outside your Brother Circle and will change monthly to maximize the opportunity to make new connections.
    • Caim Circles – starting in July 2023, you will be invited to participate in this informal monthly circle for all men who have completed Erotic Brotherhood (including previous years’ attendees) to continue the brotherhood experience.
    • EB Forum – a social platform for the attendees to connect, chat, and share thoughts with the other brothers
  • In-person Experience: a 4-day gathering of brothers in Los Angeles, CA, in April 2023, where we will expand upon our monthly virtual and interactive experiences and focus on the core theme of Community where we will:
    • Create a communal living experience to practice aspects of our core themes
    • Live, explore, play, and bond through erotic practices, rituals, cooking and eating meals together, brother circles, and buddy pairings.
    • Finally, all be meeting in-person after nearly four months of developing connections; a lot of the work building the container for the weekend will have been accomplished before we arrive.


  • Sat Jan 7, 2023
  • Sat Feb 4, 2023
  • Sat Mar 4, 2023
  • Sat Apr 1, 2023
  • Thu Apr 13 – Sun Apr 16, 2023 (In-person, Los Angeles, CA)
  • Sat May 6, 2023
  • Sat Jun 3, 2023

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For questions or more information, contact your coordinator Roy at


JoJo Bear (He, Him) is committed to creating environments where men, single or coupled, can feel safe enough to explore their wants, needs, and desires around their body, sex, and sexuality.
Pono is a passionate self-pleasuring enthusiast inviting everybody to create their own regular self-pleasuring practice.


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