Foundations of Sacred Intimacy

Have you wondered if the path of Sacred Intimacy is for you? This workshop will offer information, experiences, and community to explore what Sacred Intimacy is and how you might explore this path.
This workshop is for everyone. All genders and all expressions are welcome.
All Genders




12:00 pm -
  3:00 pm
Pacific Time
Four Online Sessions over four months

What's Possible

  • Experience using the body as a laboratory for transformation
  • Gain insight, training, & deepened awareness about the path of Sacred Intimacy
  • Clarify if the path of Sacred Intimacy is right for you

What to Expect

  • Lecture, small groups and experiential solo work, to explore where you are healed and wounded erotically and how you could help others heal their erotic wounds
  • Presence and connection with a group of fellow explorers
  • Two well-seasoned Sacred Intimates to guide and support you in your explorations

Meet Your Facilitator


Prerequisite(s): None
Delivery: Four Online Sessions over four months
Time Zone: Pacific Time
Oct 21, 2023  
- Jan 27, 2024
12:00 pm
  - 3:00 pm
From: $399


Who is this for?

Foundations of Sacred Intimacy is for everyone. All genders and all expressions are welcome.


Sacred Intimacy is a path where the erotic body is honored and included in one’s emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual healing.  It is a path of sacred witnessing, intuition, touch, ritual and speech.

In this four-session online experience, which will occur once a month for four months, participants will dive into the many facets of Sacred Intimacy and what practice might look like in both professional and non-professional realms.

You will explore experiential somatic exercises, including touch, breath, and movement. This workshop can help clarify if Sacred Intimacy is a path for you.


Lizz Randall (She, They) is a somatic practitioner whose work is devoted to radical embodiment, authentic intimacy, and Eros as a healing force.
Mark Fleming (he/they) is a Sacred Intimate who has been exploring the healing connections between sex and spirit for 30+ years. His work toward Conscious Erotic Embodiment is underpinned by both Neo and Classical Tantra.


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