July Men’s Full Moon Ritual

Let us gather to celebrate the erotic possibilities of the Full Moon!
Experience communal self-pleasuring, erotic breathwork and movement, as well as an opportunity to vocalize your desires.


8:00 pm -
  10:00 pm
Eastern Time
One 2-hour virtual session

What's Possible

  • Feel the energy of Eros come alive in your body
  • Balance the energies of masculine and feminine within
  • Tune into your body's deepest needs and desire

What to Expect

  • Guided self-pleasure exercises to raise and spread erotic energy
  • Rituals to invite the activation of sacred erotic energy
  • Learn the power of breathwork to cultivate healing and aliveness


Prerequisite(s): None
Delivery: One 2-hour virtual session
Time Zone: Eastern Time
Jul 5, 2023  
8:00 pm
  - 10:00 pm
From: $35


Participants are invited to join guided and free-form self-pleasure exercises designed to raise and bring awareness to the power of our own erotic energy and learn how we can apply it to all aspects of our lives. 

You will be led through a practice that is safe, welcoming, and consent-filled. Disrobing and nudity will be optional and to the degree with which you are personally comfortable. 

Through breath, self-touch, connection, and visualization, we will access the power of Moon Energy to heal, nourish, enliven, and play!  


Don Shine (He,Him) wholeheartedly believes that connection to Eros can be transformational, and has the power to heal the world.


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