Mindful Movement

Embodied movement practice approaches the body as subject rather than an object in need of change. A movement practice that fosters deep listening and self compassion, where the wisdom of the body is centered and celebrated, a practice that celebrates agency and respect for boundaries.
All bodies, All people, Folks interested in a wholistic movement practice, that includes intention, mindfulness, breath and movement.
All Genders


11:00 am -
  12:15 pm
Eastern Time
Virtual 75-minute session

What's Possible

  • A regular movement practice can foster greater mobility, stability and strength.
  • Breathing and moving mindfully, facilitates a deeper connection to self, an opportunity to greater awareness and self regulation.
  • Celebrating ALL bodies and the ways we move, rather than perpetuating capitalist and eugenic notions of "how bodies should be"

What to Expect

  • You can expect a non judgmental and courageous space to practice. Cueing movement that encourages safety, curiosity and choice.
  • Shifting from an exercise mentality and "results" to movement as playful medicine and a vehicle to a long term, sustainable relationship to our bodies.
  • An awareness of how we internalize systems of oppression and the unconscious patterns that keep us stuck in limiting ideas of ourselves, our bodies.

Meet Your Facilitator


Prerequisite(s): A movement practice for ALL levels and All bodies. Curiosity and compassion are the only requirements to participate.
Delivery: Virtual 75-minute session
Dec 3, 2023  
11:00 am
  - 12:15 pm
Time Zone: Eastern Time


We will gather weekly for 75 minutes of practice. We will begin each session by centering ourselves and grounding in our bodies, practicing presence through mindful breath practices and moving our bodies.

These classes are suitable for ALL levels of practitioner, and focus on moving mindfully, (with awareness) rather than how we move our bodies.

While I bring my education and expertise of the body as a massage therapist and seasoned movement teacher to encourage moving safely, classes are more of a celebration of bodies that prioritizes moving over technique, Encouraging deep listening to one’s body, honoring our embodied wisdom and practicing gratitude for the gift of living in a body.

Things you might bring include a yoga mat, props, water bottle, clothing you can move in, or you may practice nude.

While we practice in the comfort of our own spaces we can lean into a potentially powerful collective experience of moving and breathing together. Each session will close with in reflection and a brief meditation.

While one of the intentions of this offering is to create community and moving together, for accessibility, sessions will be recorded and available for 24hrs.


Shai (they/them) is a femme flavoured, Non Binary and Transgender facilitator of movement and breathwork.

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