Morning Chakra Circle

Step into a morning practice for heart, body & soul.
Join us for an energetic morning erotic practice traveling through the main chakras.


8:00 am -
  9:15 am
Pacific Time
Virtual 75 minute class

What's Possible

  • Deeper understanding of your relationship to your chakras
  • Learn more about practices that can assist you to become more embodied
  • Awaken parts of your body that may be blocked erotically

What to Expect

  • Unique practices that are in relationship with each one of the chakras
  • Facilitated erotic and embodied rituals that can be used for healing


Prerequisite(s): None
Delivery: Virtual 75 minute class
May 22, 2023  
8:00 am
  - 9:15 am
Time Zone: Pacific Time
From: $20


Begin your day (and week) with deeper connectedness to your erotic self.

Each session is designed to focus specifically on one of the 7 Chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown). Sessions will include movement, erotic touch, buddy pairings, creative expression, and most importantly, community. 

Please come to class with a notebook and pen, as well as being in an environment where you can move around in privacy.



JoJo Bear (He, Him) is committed to creating environments where men, single or coupled, can feel safe enough to explore their wants, needs, and desires around their body, sex, and sexuality.

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