Moving Into Intimacy: Meet and Greet

Are you curious about conscious eroticism but don't know where to start? Do clothing-optional events feel too intimidating for you?
Please join us for a free online conversation about the upcoming workshop Moving Into Intimacy!


6:00 pm -
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1-hour online gathering

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  • Ask questions, meet the team, and get a better feel for this workshop
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Prerequisite(s): None
Delivery: 1-hour online gathering
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Sep 17, 2023  
6:00 pm
  - 7:00 pm
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Join us with Body Electric School guest faculty Lui Gervais to discuss his upcoming workshop Moving Into Intimacy, NYC, October 14 and 15. On this call, Lui will be discussing the fundamental ideas of this workshop, the three Essential Elements for Creating Intimacy.

What is intimacy? What is this holy grail of connectedness that we all desire but for so many, find ever elusive? How does it come about? What happens in our bodies, minds and spirits when it shows up? How can we successfully and consistently create more of it to nourish our lives?

Here are five essential elements about intimacy that Lui will discuss.

  1. Intimacy is an embodied state of enlightenment.
  2. Our egos don’t want us to have intimacy.
  3. We cannot talk our way to intimacy. 
  4. Moving into intimacy takes a little time.
  5. Vulnerability is necessary for intimacy.


Lui will also share more about his teaching journey, his performance career as a solo artist and his passion for writing and creating workshops about the relationship between sexuality and spirituality. 

Please join us!


Lui is a guest faciltitor with the Body Electric School. Lui Gervais is a writer, dancer, artist and sex/intimacy coach. He is the author of The Nipple Whisperer and other erotic epiphanies. He has taught his creative, somatic intimacy courses at schools and festivals around the world. He has offered a sacred intimacy practice in Seattle, WA for more than decade.


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