Power Dynamics Level 2 – For All People

Continue your journey into realms of intense body sensation and sexual power dynamics.
Power Dynamics 2 continues Body Electric's commitment to ethical and intentional erotic play into realms of intense body sensation and sexual power dynamics.
All People




Two 4-hour sessions, 1pm-5pm eastern

What's Possible

  • Enhanced realms of intense body sensation
  • Continued exploration of sexual power dynamics

What to Expect

  • Exploration and expansion of sensation play
  • Learning the techniques of self-bondage


Prerequisite: Introduction to Power Dynamics
Delivery: Two 4-hour sessions, 1pm-5pm eastern
Time Zone: Eastern Time
Aug 6, 2022  
Aug 7, 2022
*times above apply only to single day events
Cost: $
Scholarship Info
Scholarships are available for this workshop. Click here for more info.


Bring what you learned in Intro to Power Dynamics and delve more deeply into your experience and learning. Each session will focus on a specific teaching and also include home-play and play-buddies.

The course will cover the following elements:

  • A recap of what we learned in Level 1 and taking humiliation to the next level
  • Self-bondage that can easily be used with others or a bedpost
  • Exploring and expanding sensation play, often related to skin sensations. Actively engaging our senses - Sight, taste, and hearing – and how they can also be included in sensation play
  • Participants create a play scene drawing on what you have experienced in Level 1 and Level 2

Come join us!

This workshop is open to all genders and all genitals: queer folks, non-binary, non-conforming folks, and all beings who want to play and explore the sensate energetic realms in the body.


Sher Snow is a sex-positive touch healer, educator, professional dominatrix and workshop leader/creator.
Mahan Kalpa Kalsa (He, Him) delights in exploring the energies of Yin/Yang, Masculine/Feminine, Power/Surrender, Domination/Submission, Top/Bottom.


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