Power Surrender & Intimacy (PSI) for Women Teaser

Learn and try on what we will be presenting at the PSI for Women
This event is for anyone who has registered or is interested in registering for the PSI for Women


4:30 pm -
  6:30 pm
Pacific Time
2 hour virtual session

What's Possible

  • Tease your mind into the possibilities of PSI for Women
  • Learn categories of plan and terminology
  • A structured experiment for somatically feeling

What to Expect

  • An interactive discussion on PSI
  • Listening to your body's desires
  • Basic understanding of power dynamics


Prerequisite(s): Open and curious mind
Delivery: 2 hour virtual session
Dec 6, 2023  
4:30 pm
  - 6:30 pm
Time Zone: Pacific Time
From: $0


An introduction and overview to the Power, Surrender & Intimacy for Women where we will focus on Consent and Negotiation.

The full workshop is scheduled for February 16-18, 2024.

This workshop begins with an exploration of negotiation and consent, the foundation of Power Surrender and Intimacy. Through guided body based exercises you will get to in touch with your full hearted yes, maybe or no.

You will explore sensation with rope, floggers, and spanking tools. We will facilitate playful opportunities to learn and practice proper and safe use of all sensation toys and where on the body to use them.

You will examine your relationship to dominance and submission in your body through playing with Power Dynamics.

The workshop will culminate with your personal ritual that you will create. In this ritual you are encouraged to bring in all that you have learned and experienced while exploring power dynamics and sensation.

For questions or more information, contact Sher at victoria@bodyelectric.org.



Sher Snow is a sex-positive touch healer, educator, professional dominatrix and workshop leader/creator.
Mx Gordon Jacks has been active in the Kink scene for 25+ years.

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