Taste of the Body Erotic: An Introduction to Conscious Eros

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1:30 pm -
  4:30 pm ET
One 3-hour In-Person Workshop

What's Possible

  • Discover how your erotic energy can support a full, joyful life
  • Understand how conscious breathwork can support aliveness and awakening
  • Connect with other like-minded explorers

What to Expect

  • A structured introduction to the practice of erotic embodiment facilitated by trained BE Facilitators
  • A safe container for you to engage at your comfort level
  • Learn the power of breathwork to cultivate healing and aliveness


Prerequisite(s): None
Delivery: One 3-hour In-Person Workshop
Time Zone: Pacific Time
Oct 8, 2022  
1:30 pm
  - 4:30 pm
From: $35


Are you curious about the power of erotic energy?

Would you like to be more skillful and confident in your exploration of pleasure?

The Body Electric School, one of the most trusted names in embodiment education, is now offering this fully-clothed introduction to the realm of conscious eroticism.

This session will include large group work, exercises completed in pairs (which will be assigned during the workshop), movement exercises, breathwork, and heart-centered sharing. 

Appropriate for anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves through embodiment, eroticism, and intimacy.

In this three-hour workshop, we will:

  • Establish a solid container of consent and boundaries.
    Explore specific breath, touch, and movement practices for learning and exploration.

This work is appropriate for people who feel called to go deeper into a journey of personal growth.

If you would like to know more about this event, you are welcome to email Sarah at ambassadors@bodyelectric.org.


What can I expect to get from this event?

You can expect to learn something about who you are as an erotic being. You may get to witness and express your own desires more clearly. You can expect to be “at choice” throughout the whole workshop, which means that you will be given ample opportunities to sincerely check in with yourself and discern where your comfort level and preferences are for each of the exercises. You can expect to connect more deeply with your breath and yourself and to be given the opportunity to connect, on a heart level, with other people. You can expect to experience new sensations and an expanded sense of what the word “erotic” means. You can expect to understand more about what the Body Electric School provides, which is experiences of transpersonal eroticism and how that might benefit you in your personal journey.

Do I need to sign up with a partner?

Definitely not, although couples are welcome. This workshop is designed for each person to have their own journey with the exercises presented.

Will this be socially awkward?

Let’s start with the reminder, “It’s only awkward if you make it awkward.” That being said, this workshop does provide an opportunity to discuss sexuality and intimacy and also to experience gentle connection with other humans, so the possibility of awkwardness is always there. However, the exercises and the structure of the workshop provide enough structure, direction, and options for ways to participate so that social awkwardness is minimized. We strive to create an environment that focuses on a sense of safety while encouraging you to step into your “strategic discomfort” zone, where learning and growth can occur.

Will I feel uncomfortable during this workshop?

We encourage everyone in this workshop to step into a “brave space” when it comes to sharing and expressing themselves. It is very heartwarming and connecting when we get to hear that others in the room are struggling with similar issues to our own. Sometimes this brave space is a stretch and does feel uncomfortable, and yet it is very freeing and healing. You will be encouraged to honor both your “yes” and your “no” when it comes to participating in each exercise.

Will I have to touch anyone I don’t want to touch?

No. You will be at choice the entire time. An important part of this workshop is learning about consent and feeling into your own decisions about the kinds of touch you share with other people. One of the first things that we do in this workshop is to discuss what is called “the sacred pause,” the moment between the invitation and the response. We encourage you to take as long as you need in the moment of the sacred pause to determine what feels right for you in each exercise that is offered during the workshop.

Who is this event NOT for?

This event is not for those who may feel triggered at the invitation to touch another person or those who are in need of professional psychiatric care. 



Elisa Lee (She, They) is all about re-membering (or consciously belonging to)... our bodies, our emotions and our kinship with Nature.


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