Wild Honey: Diving into the Erotic Folds of Ourselves

Tap your "Wild Honey" and allow its potency to inspire and nourish you.
This event is for women of all orientations, trans, intersex folks, two-spirited people, and gender-fluid people on the woman-to-non-binary spectrum.




5:00 pm -
  2:00 pm
Mountain Time
Jemez Springs,
Six Day Intensive Workshop

What's Possible

  • Discover new dimensions of your erotic body
  • Enhance your skills for setting boundaries, experiencing pleasure and connecting with the wisdom of your body
  • Activate your pleasure in a wondrous, sensual environment

What to Expect

  • To be held in a skillful and compassionate manner by a community of like-minded and experienced explorers
  • Be surprised and delighted with new areas of pleasure and connection with yourself and others
  • Clear community agreements and boundaries that help to create a sense of safety and bravery

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Prerequisite(s): Celebrating the Body Erotic or Permission from Instructors
Delivery: Six Day Intensive Workshop
Oct 7, 2023  
- Oct 12, 2023
5:00 pm
  - 2:00 pm
Time Zone: Mountain Time
From: $2250*-$2500 (*Member Pricing)
(Lodging and all meals included.)
Scholarships are available for this workshop. Click here for more info.


Workshop Description

Welcome to Wild Honey where we play with the conscious sensate experience of eros & pleasure and how to apply them to your life and the world. In an intimate group of consensual erotic explorers, we journey to occupy ourselves more fully with presence, playfulness, and an unshakeable belonging to our bodies and the Earth.

We claim our sovereign place in this world via the integration of body, mind, and spirit as radical, joyful, and sustainable. In these challenging times, Eros can be an untapped nourishing balm applied to grief, heartache, pain, and suffering.

Compared to a CBE, the length of this Intensive gives us time to bask in an expansive, embodied “wild honey state”, allowing its potency and to inspire and lusciously fill our beings. We will spend time in nature connecting with the hot springs, rivers, and mountains that the Jemez valley in New Mexico offers so generously. We will accompany one another down the path of awakened & aware embodiment, playing with desire and both subtle & bold realms of touch. With the alchemical energies of the temple space, we invite everyone to speak, move and pray their unique expressions that beckon to emerge.

Come play and rest.
Return home revived and embodied.
Be sovereign in your skin and birthright to feel pleasure as a healing force.
Claim your Wild Honey and join us!

For questions or more information, contact specialk@bodyelectric.org.


Lizz (She, They) is a somatic practitioner whose work is devoted to radical embodiment, authentic intimacy, and Eros as a healing force.
Suzanne (She, They) is dedicated to reuniting the erotic and the sacred and to helping people reclaim their essential Eros.

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