Eco-erotic Tantra Retreat in Bali

Attuning to your essential nature through the practice of Tantra in the Balinese rainforest
Join us for this six day, five night, transformational journey into tantric practices and nature connection in the depths of the jungle.
All Genders




4:00 pm -
  12:00 pm
Central Time
Week-Long Retreat

What's Possible

  • Discover how to clearly connect to your inner masculine and your inner feminine sides, and curate the relationship between these two integral aspects of the psyche.
  • Learn new ways to combine eroticism with your love of nature in order to experience greater clarity and guidance from the universe.
  • Release limiting beliefs and shame around body image, sex, erotic desires. Experience a felt sense of abundance and greater confidence in navigating one's own erotic journey. Learn to re-connect your spiritual life with your erotic life.

What to Expect

  • Participants can expect the group practices to be well-structured and clearly guided so as to create an opportunity for self exploration.
  • Through the creation of a supportive community of explorers, participants can expect to experience a greater level of self acceptance and learn to embrace and more skillfully embody their own erotic desires.
  • Deepen your appreciation for nature, through the practice of pleasure. Expand your capacity for pleasure by deepening your admiration for nature.

Meet Your Facilitator


Prerequisite(s): No prerequisite, although previous Body Electric experience (or similar) will be helpful
Delivery: Week-Long Retreat
Time Zone: Central Time
Mar 18, 2024  
- Mar 23, 2024
4:00 pm
  - 12:00 pm
From: $3099
(Lodging and all meals included)
Scholarships are available for this workshop. Click here for more info.


Who is this for?

People who love nature, are curious about Tantra, and are open for exploration, play and learning in a group setting. This retreat is appropriate for all levels of erotic explorers and is for people of all genders.


During this retreat, our morning sessions will be spent learning classical tantric practices designed to cultivate the inner marriage and guide participants towards new levels of subtlety and nuance in self awareness. Afternoons will be less structured and will have opportunities for tourist excursions (water temples, beach trip, trekking), group co-created experiences and/or bodywork. Evenings will include neo-tantric structures and rituals, including temple and play experiences. Early mornings will feature optional nude yoga practices.

The culture of this playful community will focus on practicing the highest levels of consent; we intend to create an ethos where it is just as easy to say yes as it is to say no. There will be opportunities for socializing, as well as plenty of structured exercises. Folks who struggle with social anxiety, please know that we will do our best to provide easy ways to connect with new people throughout the retreat.

The retreat will be hosted at Bali Eco Stay – an incredible gem of permaculture and nature, nestled into the mountains of the Balinese rainforest. Each of the guest lodgings are unique, with incredible views of the rice paddies and lush ecosystem. The mountain air is cooler than other parts of Bali and features much fewer insects, due to the elevation and well-balanced nature of the surrounding land. Meals will be beautifully prepared and served with Balinese hospitality and attention to detail.



Sarah Belzile (she/her) is an avid explorer of embodiment, eco-eroticism, shadow work and heart-centered communication. She is skilled at creating safer spaces for exploration and learning.
Tasneem Hamdani is a Tantric practitioner whose offerings combine her training as a sexual healer with her knowledge of scriptures from the Kashmir Shivaism lineage.


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