Other Ways to Support

There are many ways to support the Body Electric School

Matching Grants

Check to see if your employer has matching grants Here
Your donations support others to experience the transformation you have had. Your donations help people to participate in any of our workshops, both in-person and online.

Stock Donation Form

Contact us and we can send you the information to donate your stocks to the Body Electric School

Airline Miles

How to donate airline miles

The process of donating airline miles varies depending on the airline. But in general you:
  1. Log in to your frequent flyer account.
  2. Select a charity.
  3. Donate airline miles.
Note: You can also donate by calling the airline customer support. Some charities, like Make-A-Wish, let you donate by visiting their website and filling out a form.

Hold a Fundraiser

We can send you all the details of what you would need to hold a small fundraising event for friends or a larger one for lots of BE alumni. Just email: admin@bodyelctric.org

Are you interested in other ways to support our work?

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