Our Philosophy

We believe
It’s your body, your pleasure, your choice

At Body Electric you have choice in all activities and we practice consent or “optionality”. We welcome all people ages (21 and up), all body types, cultures, genders, gender expressions, sexual orientations, races, and religions. We accommodate differently-abled people within the limits of the venue of the workshop.

Our Philosophy

The School’s work was first developed by combining the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism ( for more information click here) and esoteric Tantric traditions developed in India( for more information click here) with insights of western sexology, psychology, and neurobiology. Through various methods that include conscious breathwork, embodiment, educated skillful touch, and process work, we invite participants to tap, raise, and spread their natural erotic energy to increase and improve the flow of energy through the body. Our participants consistently experience increased aliveness and vitality, the healing of personal wounds, and the activation of their relationship with the Sacred as they define it.
You are invited into exploration, aliveness, erotic healing, expansion, and community! We are intrepid explorers, curious about the energy and power that lies within all of us.
We are open to learning and growing, and willing to take the risk of stretching, healing, and befriending our deepest selves. Please join us!

Our Vision

To invite all people into erotic awareness, expansion, and expression

Our Mission

The Body Electric School offers expertly guided educational experiences grounded in the erotic and its integration with the sacred, to foster transformative personal and communal healing.

With a unique, intentional curriculum, Body Electric will guide you on a powerful journey into yourself.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. The work of Body Electric is Sacred. We view the organization as having a soul and purpose of its own. We try to listen in to where the organization wants to go and beware of forcing a direction onto it. Individuals are invited to inquire into their personal sense of calling to see if and how they resonate with the organization’s purpose.
  2. What we value, invite, and practice within workshop space – heart connection, intimacy, embodiment, authenticity, honest communication – we actively practice in the Body Electric community, no matter what role we have.
  3. Consent. At all times the notion of informed consent is explained, demonstrated, and faithfully adhered to as a key ingredient of respectful relationships within the Body Electric community, workshops, and events.
  4. Confidentiality. We practice confidentiality to cultivate safe containers where psychological safety is valued and participants feel safe to take healthy risks and to be vulnerable with each other.
  5. Transparency. We value transparency in fiscal, operational,and management matters. When people have access to business information, they can act and take decisions that are good for the whole community. When there is transparency and openness, collective intelligence is available to all. Sensitive information can be shared because everyone is able and trusted to handle difficult news.
  6. Responsibility and Accountability. Everyone has a responsibility to the organization for sensing issues or opportunities and addressing them. People are expected to hold each other accountable with love and integrity and to give and receive honest feedback even when that feels uncomfortable.
  7. We value and cultivate the experience of Wholeness. Some ways we do this are:
    • Equal worth: All people are of equal worth and at the same time different. Community is richest when members are able to contribute in their distinctive ways while appreciating differences.
    • Safe and caring workplace: Situations are approached from love and connection rather than fear and separation. Creating a supportive and accepting environment where everyone can behave authentically is essential.
    • Overcoming separation: All people are connected. We aim to create a community where cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual differences are honored and valued.
    • Relationships and Acknowledging Differences: It is impossible to change other people. We can only change ourselves. We take ownership of our thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions while honoring those of other people. We practice non-judgmental behavior that respects others through honoring their truth. We commit to speaking of others as we would wish to be spoken of, realizing that what we see in another person are actually traits we recognize in ourselves.
  8. Body Electric is a movement helping to liberate erotic aliveness. Therefore, we are committed to a clear social justice path. We believe Black Lives Matter, we enthusiastically support LGBTQIA+ rights, we celebrate and welcome all intersectional identities – from neurodivergence, to religious beliefs, to disabilities and everything in between. We actively invest in and work to build an equitable, inclusive, anti-racist organization from the inside out. We believe in science.

If you have any concerns, please email any of the following you are most comfortable with: admin@bodyelectric.org, Board@bodyelectric.org or JEDI@bodyelectric.org

Join us as we bring this vision to life through powerful, embodied workshops