Sher Snow

Sher is a sex-positive touch healer, educator, professional dominatrix and workshop leader/creator.

Sher Snow is a sex-positive touch healer, educator, professional dominatrix, and workshop leader/creator who has influenced many lives with her open-minded, nonjudgmental, and permission-giving approach to both friendship and facilitation. Sher celebrates the body in all its cathartic healing abilities, as well as in its mess and ugliness. Deeply present as her own authentic self in each workshop, she engages as a helper, coordinator, wounded healer, trauma survivor, sexual sage, flawed inner child, and wise crone. Always learning even as she leads, Sher’s teaching style is relational, sensitive, humble, flexible, and creative.

Sher has been coordinating Women’s and All Gender’s workshops for many years and is an Emerging Facilitator with Body Electric.

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