The BE Journey

Our programs are designed to guide you on your journey toward pleasure, connection, and personal fulfilment.

Begin Your Journey

Begin your Body Electric journey with one of our in-person or online experiences. We welcome you to explore your relationship with your body, pleasure, and your erotic self. This is a wonderful place to start for people who are new to Body Electric. This is also for our more experienced participants to practice the core principles of our work and refresh their erotic aliveness. There are no prerequisites for these workshops.

Taste of the Body Erotic

Online or in-person. Our 3-hour introduction to Body Electric includes our foundational teachings, breathwork, and beginning embodiment exercises.

Online Introductory Workshops

Our online workshops invite you to explore various embodied topics, including releasing shame, powerful breathwork, deep connection activities, guided meditations, and nourishing pleasure practices.

In-Person Celebrating The Body Erotic

Our in-person Celebrating The Body Erotic (CBE) is our signature weekend experience. This workshop is often clothes-off and hands-on. Join us if you are ready to explore new levels of aliveness and pleasure in your body as part of a powerful, communal experience.

Take the Next Step

Intermediate Workshops. Continue your journey with one of our intermediate experiences. Deeply explore your relationship with your inner erotic self. These workshops have a prerequisite to participate, typically the Celebrating the Body Erotic (CBE) in-person workshop or one of our introductory online workshops.

Expand Your Pleasure

Advanced Workshops. Expand into some of the most profound personal work of your life. These week-long “intensives” explore heightened states of awareness and ecstasy, areas of deep wounding and personal healing, and connection to the Sacred as you define it. All of our advanced workshops have a prerequisite of completing one or more of our intermediate week-long workshops.

Our Curriculum

Through various methods that include conscious breathwork, embodiment, skillful touch, and process work, we invite you to tap, raise, and spread your natural erotic energy to increase the flow of energy through the body. Our participants consistently experience increased aliveness and vitality, the healing of personal wounds, and the activation of their relationship with the Sacred as they define it.
With the practice of Taoist Erotic Massage, we invite you to explore your relationship to Pleasure, awaken your entire body as an erotic organ, and activate your inner energy channels. This practice can inspire aliveness, expand the capacity for feeling, and give erotic energy an honored role in your body and life.
You are invited into exploration, aliveness, erotic healing, expansion, and community! We are intrepid explorers, curious about the energy and power that lies within all of us, open to learning and growing, and willing to take the risk of stretching, healing, and befriending our deepest selves. Join us!

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators strive to uphold the ethos and traditions of the work of Body Electric and to create a safe container to support all participants to explore their personal growth and development.
Learn more about our Facilitators here.

Begin your journey today with one of our workshops.

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