Appreciation Circle

By Tom Kovach

Appreciation Blog for February 

This month I would like to appreciate Mara Roy.  Mara has been apart of the emerging faculty and just finished co-leading her first All Genders Workshop. Mara has been in the work for 23 years and that time, and her experiences all came to be crucial for this workshop. 

The workshop had to be rescheduled to a less then ideal date.  Mara worked tirelessly to help promote the workshop and bring new people into the work of Body Electric. Mara did everything she could to reduce expenses and build energy. There were some last-minute challenges and she rose to the occasion, created not only a successful workshop but a beautiful experience for many people. 

Mara Roy is a relationship and intimacy coach, educator, and facilitator who has practiced and taught integrative body and breath work, movement, tantra, yoga, and conscious touch for over 20 years. As a champion for overcoming shame and deepening fulfillment, she helps her clients and students explore and express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. 

She is grateful to her many teachers, including Anna Harvey, Margo Anand, Alex Jade, Selah Martha, Colin Brown, Emaya Shaw, Evalena Rose, Lindy James, and The Body Electric School. And we are grateful to her for the passion and compassion she brings to the Body Electric School.

You can read her bio here: Mara Roy

Facilitator, Mara Roy

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