Episode 10:  with Sarah Belzile

Join us on the Erotic Liberation Podcast with guest Sarah Belzile! In this episode, we discuss eco-eroticism and, of course, erotic liberation! Sarah Belzile is an avid explorer of embodiment, eco-eroticism, shadow work and heart-centered communication. She is skilled at creating safer spaces for exploration and learning. Sarah has been trained as a Cuddle Party Facilitator, Professional Cuddlist, Body Electric Facilitator, yoga teacher, consent educator, women’s temple mama, and Awaken As Love Tantra facilitator. Participants often appreciate her grounded and practical approach to embodiment work. She has guided embodiment circles in India as well as across the United States. Sarah often guides people into deeper connections with themselves, one another and nature. You can learn more about Sarah and her work here. (www.sarahbelzile.com)



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