Celebrating the Body Erotic at GNI

Are you ready to explore new levels of feeling alive, accepted, and joyful in your body as part of a powerful, communal experience?
This workshop is for cisgender* men. We offer a variety of events, some for specific affinity groups and others for everyone. This workshop will take place on the traditional and ancestral lands of the Lenape and Susquehannock peoples.




5:00 pm -
  5:00 pm
Eastern Time
2.5 Day In-Person Workshop at GNI

What's Possible

  • Accept yourself more fully as an erotic being
  • Discover new skills and pathways for more satisfying erotic relationships
  • Release self-limiting patterns and behaviors that interfere with your full erotic potential

What to Expect

  • A strong mix of rituals with breath, intention, music
  • Give and receive touch in a setting where personal choice, consent and interpersonal respect are paramount
  • Learn the power of breathwork to cultivate healing and aliveness

Meet Your Facilitator

What People Are Saying


Prerequisite(s): None
Delivery: 2.5 Day In-Person Workshop at GNI
Aug 16, 2024  
- Aug 18, 2024
5:00 pm
  - 5:00 pm
Time Zone: Eastern Time
Costs (in USD)
$599 Regular Tuition
$549 Community Members (First 5)
$549 Body Members
$499 Heart Members or higher
(Help us plan - Enroll by 08/02/24)
Scholarships are available for this workshop. Click here for more info.


🌶️🌶️🌶️ = High Spiciness (clothing optional events that may include erotic touch)

Does this event spark your curiosity? If you have questions or specific needs, please contact your coordinators, Roy and Nick, at philadelphia@bodyelectric.org.

Celebrating the Body Erotic (CBE) is the primary gateway for men who are curious about the Body Electric experience. Come expand your erotic potential within a carefully structured program that integrates body, heart, mind, and spirit. Guided exercises focus on conscious breath, movement, process work, heart-centered touch, and full-body massage. You will learn about giving and receiving deeper pleasure, opening new channels of personal healing with erotic energy. The workshop is conducted in a setting that is playful, safe, respectful and honoring.

We are thrilled to continue our relationship with Gay Naturists International (GNI) who have hosted a CBE for many years in the weekend prior to their wonderful event. In order to attend this event, you must be registered for the GNI Gathering.

Completion of Celebrating the Body Erotic is a prerequisite for attending most other workshops and programs offered by the New Body Electric School.

How can we support your decision? Contact your local coordinator at philadelphia@bodyelectric.org.


Craig (he/him) is a Body Electric facilitator, life coach, and Sacred Intimate focusing on embodiment, pleasure, and the awakening of the Sacred. You can learn more about Craig at craigcullinane.com.

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