Queer Heart Circle

Authentically connect with community members in a safe, brave space.
This heart circle is for queer folks. All genders and all expressions are welcome.
All Genders


8:00 pm -
  9:00 pm
Eastern Time
Virtual - 1-hour session

What's Possible

  • Connection with other queer erotic explorers.
  • The opportunity to offer the gift of listening to others.

What to Expect

  • Clear guidelines about how to participate in a heart circle.
  • Authentic space to share and listen.


Prerequisite(s): None
Delivery: Virtual - 1-hour session
Jun 25, 2024  
8:00 pm
  - 9:00 pm
Time Zone: Eastern Time
Costs (in USD)
From: $0


Come together with like-minded individuals as we share from our hearts in queer community and be part of a group where understanding, acknowledgment and deeper connection is nurtured.

By sharing from our hearts we build courage and heart-felt consideration for one another.

This is a sacred space of connection where our hearts are open to listening with love and deeper compassion for each and all, through differences and similarities without fear of judgment or interruption.


Shai (they/them) is a femme flavoured, Non Binary and Transgender facilitator of movement and breathwork.

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