Andre Martin

Andre is passionate about helping people receive joy and pleasure in their bodies through touch, breath, massage and movement.

Elisa Lee

Elisa is all about re-membering (or consciously belonging to)… our bodies, our emotions and our kinship with Nature.

Suzanne Blackburn

Suzanne is dedicated to reuniting the erotic and the sacred and to helping people reclaim their essential Eros.

Sarah Belzile

Sarah is a student of embodiment, NVC (Non Violent Communication), shadow work and the contemplative learning that comes with heart centered connections.

JoJo Bear

JoJo is committed to creating environments where men, single or coupled, can feel safe enough to explore their wants, needs and desires around their body, sex and sexuality.

Steve Schwartzberg

A sacred intimate, psychotherapist, spiritual guide and educator, Steve is also a serious meditator, writer, and global wanderer.

William McMeniman

William seeks to integrate the ecstatic path into everyday life through his teaching.

Mark Fleming

A teacher and student of neo-classical Tantra, Mark is consciously working to unlearn colonialism and racism and brings this exploration into his teaching.

Craig Cullinane

Craig delights in creating spaces where people fall in love with themselves, remember how to play, and express their creativity.

John Ballew

John specializes in issues related to relationships, intimacy, sexuality, and work-life balance.